SPBG™ Trademarked Terms

10-Method Management™
80:20 Prioritizer™
Activation Handbook™
Advanced Profit per X™
Alignment Accelerators™
Annual Outing™
Automation Activator™
B2B Core Market™
B2C Core Market™
Base Camp Day 1™
Base Camp Day 2™
Base Camp Handbook™
Boost Team Health™
Brainstorming Ground Rules™
Brand Promise Articulator™
Business Constraint™
Business Covid™
Business Expansion Filter™
Buyable OS Box™
Buyable OS Journey™
Buyable OS™
Challenge the Vision™
Climb Accelerators™
Climb Assessment™
Climbing Kit Repair™
Constraint Locator™
Core Business Lens™
Core Market™
Core Values Curator™
Cover Blindspots™
Cross-Functional Playbooks™
Crux Challenge™
Crux Intuitor™
Customer Journey Playbook™
Customized and Scalable™
Daily Standup Meeting™
DISC Discussion™
Discover Your Why™
Economy Quadrant™
Employee Journey Playbook™
Evaluate the Year™
Execution Planner™
Expansion Dimension™
Experience Curve Climber™
Experience Curve Tool™
Flywheel Builder™
Flywheel Themes™
Focus Quadrant™
Foundations Day™
Friend and Foe Trends™
Function Finder Chart™
Function Ownership Chart™
Function Owner™
Functional Playbooks™
Immutable Weaknesses™
Individual Reflections™
Inherent Strengths™
Innovation Actions™
Innovation Culture™

Innovation Driven Business™
Innovation Ideator™
Leaders’ Crest™
Lean Waste Eliminator™
Luxury Quadrant™
M&A Mobilizer™
Management Blueprint®
Medium-Term Milestones™
Mentor Meeting Model™
Mentor Meetings™
Mentor Meeting™
Metric Ownership Chart™
Milestones Mind-Juggler™
Mindshare Mobilizer™
Mindshare Terms™
Mini CEOs™
Monthly Financial Meeting™
MT Milestones™
Network Effects Catalyzer™
Network Friction Remover™
Optimize Your Playbooks™
Our Summit Vision™
Output Driven Business™
Overcome Blindspots™
Playbook Definer™
Playbook Ingrainer™
Playbook Manager™
Playbook Mapping Chart™
Playbook Optimizer™
Playbook Ownership Chart™
Playbook Simplifier™
Playbook Toolbox™
Product Portfolio Map™
Profitability Pine™
Promise to Activity Converter™
Quarterly Lookout™
Quarterly Mentor Meeting™
Quarterly Rocks™
Refresh Vision and Strategy™
Reinvention Options™
Response Stimulator™
Roadblock Remover™
S.T.E.P. Rocks™
Scaling Loop Optimizer™
Scaling Loop Selector™
Scoreboard Sketcher™
Secret CEO Blueprints™
Short Phrase Strategy™
Six Competitive Forces™
Six Dimensions of Expansion™
Six Forces Map™
Sketch 2 Sell™
Smart M&A™
SPBG Community™
SPBG Discovery™ webinar
SPBG Guide™
SPBG Method™

SPBG Seal Camp™
SPBG Seal Team™
Strategic Implications™
Strategic Position™
Strategy Operating System™
Strategy OS App™
Strategy OS Climb Assessment™
Strategy OS Climb™
Strategy OS Guide™
Strategy OS Implementer™
Strategy OS Journey™
Strategy OS Spiral™
Strategy OS Toolkit®
Strategy OS™
Strategy Squares™
Strategy Stack™
Subfunctional Playbooks™
Summit Climb Assessment™
Summit Operating System™
Summit OS App™
Summit OS Climb™
Summit OS Clinic™
Summit OS Discovery™
Summit OS Playbooks™
Summit OS Practices™
Summit OS Principles™
Summit OS Toolkit™
Summit OS Wheel™
Summit OS™
Summit Vision™
Tackle Topics™
Tee-up Call™
Tentacle Spreader™
The 11 Business Reinventions™
The 15 Growth Practices™
The 5 Growth Principles™
The 5 Technology Levers™
The 6 Business Levers™
The 7 Smart M&A Approaches™
The 8 Core Business Questions™
The 8 Innovation Catalyzers™
The 8 Waste Eliminators™
The 9 Flywheel Themes™
The Positioning Matrix™
The Strategic Flywheel™
Topic Tackler™
Unique Activities™
Unique Activity Formulator™
Unique Activity Generator™
Unique Activity Optimizer™
Variety Quadrant™
Vision & Execution Mountain™
Vision & Strategy Map™
Weekly Metrics™
Weekly Tactical Meeting™
Why We Exist Canvass™
WTM Scoreboard™
WTQ Scoreboard™
WTW Scoreboard™